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The following are some unsolicited and anonymous comments from viewers.


"After seeing the video (talk 91, Dr. Herzog) I then went to the index of other videos, and I was like a kid opening packages on Xmas. There are enough video's there to keep me busy for a long time. Bravo!."

"just watched the video, and it is an excellent one. I just loved the doctor giving the discourse! I notice that his degree in internal medicine was from the same school that Dr. Shah at Duke received his internal medicine degree. Thank you for posting the link to the informative discourse."

"Just watched it-Thanks so much for the link. It put together into one presentation a lot of information I had previously read from other sources but didn't understand. Dr. Herzog then added new information that I had not seen before and presented it a way that someone without a Phd. in medicine can understand. Thanks again for the post."


"one of the earlier discussions referenced some videos at and I have been watching them and find them really informative."


"Fascinating and exciting! So when are the human trials in adenosine blockers going to start?!" (in response to Adenosine in Skin Fibrosis, Edwin Chan, MD)


"Wow! I wish this knowledge had happened 6-7 yrs. ago but glad it's happening now. This video was very easy to listen to. Thank you for sharing!" (in response to Phototherapy and UVA-1 Phototherapy Research" Heidi Jacobe, MD,