" Scleroderma and Your Skin"
Frank Santoro, MD

Patient Education Forum, UCONN, Farmington CT
October 2013

About Dr. Santoro:


Dr. Santoro joined UCONN Dermatology Associates in August, 2013. He attended medical school at the UCONN School of Medicine and performed his internship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School in Internal Medicine. Dr. Santoro performed his residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Dermatology. He is currently a assistant professor of dermatology and the director of inpatient consultative dermatology at UCONN.

Dr. Santoro is affiliated with John Dempsey Hospital and UCONN Medical Center. His clinical interests are general dermatology, autoimmune disorders of the skin and mucosa and difficult to treat skin conditions.

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