"Dealing with Loss and Trauma:
Developing the Skills of Grief, Grace and Gratitude"

Theo Munson

"Patient Education Forum"
Rochester NY
October 6, 2018


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About Ms. Munson:

Theo Munson has worked at Lifetime Care/Hospice of Rochester - developing the department of Bereavement Services for over 23 years. More recently, she has become the “Community Bereavement Services Specialist there and teaches an OASIS course called Dying Well: How Baby Boomers May Change the World. Theo earned her Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Rochester. The subject of her thesis was the need for an inpatient Hospice facility in Rochester. Three booklets which she has authored– Anticipatory Grief, Finding Your Way Through Grief and The Patient Visitor: A Guide to Comforting a Dying Friend – are available through Lifetime Care/Hospice of Rochester