Gastrointestinal Manifestations

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“GI Dysmotility in Scleroderma: Not Just the Esophagus!"

Speaker: Daniela Jodorkovsky, MD Patient Education Forum
NY NY, May 2018
“Proton Pump Inhibitors: How to Digest the News"
Speaker: Jessica Farrell, PharmD
Patient Education Forum
Albany NY, Sept 2016
“Scleroderma Gastrointestinal Issues and Treatment"
Speaker: Micheal Tadros, MD
Patient Education Forum
Albany NY, Sept 2015

“Why Won't My Food Digest?”
Speaker: Phillip Jaffe, MD
Patient Education Forum
Albany NY, Sept 2013

"Digestive System Issues in Scleroderma"
Speaker: Dinesh Khanna, MD
Niagara Patient Education Forum, Niagara Falls NY Oct 2012 Program co-sponsored by the Scleroderma Society of Ontario.

"GI Manifestations in Scleroderma"
Speaker:Dr. Ben-Menachem
Joint Chapter Forum, New Brunswick NJ, October 2012

"GI Involvement in Scleroderma"
Speaker: Laurence Saubermann, MD, MD
Patient Education Forum, Rochester NY 2012