Diagnosis & Treatment

The information presented on this site is intended for educational purposes only. Neither the featured speakers, nor the Scleroderma Foundation, nor Starlight Productions (the producers of these videos) suggest, recommend or endorse any specific treatment for any individual. Patients are advised consult their own health care providers for treatment options.

“Scleroderma: Diagnosis & Treatment Options”
Speaker: Mary Margaret O'Neil, MD
Patient Education Forum
Buffalo NY 8/19/17

“Scleroderma: The Importance of Early Intervention & Close Monitoring”
Speaker: Laura K. Hummers, MD
Joint Chapter Forum
New Brunswick NJ 10/25/14

“Scleroderma: Diagnosis, Treatment and How The Disease Differs in People of African-American Descent”
Speaker: Virginia M. Steen, MD
African-American Health Awareness Day
Rochester NY 10/9/14

Earlier Recognition of Scleroderma-Spectrum Connective Tissue Disease
Speaker:Vivien Hsu, MD
Joint Chapter Forum
New Brunswick NJ, November 2013

"Scleroderma: Therapies that Make a Difference"
Speaker:Vivien Hsu, MD
Joint Chapter Forum
New Brunswick NJ, October 2012

"Diagnostic Testing and Scleroderma"
Speaker: Jessica Gordon, MDS
Patient Education Forum
May 2012