Lung Issues: General

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"Breathlessness in Scleroderma: Causes, Tests, and Solutions"
Speaker: Christopher Palma, MD, MD
Patient Education Forum, Rochester NY October 2018

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“Pulmonary Disease and Scleroderma ”
Speaker: Kerri Akaya Smith, MD
Patient Education Forum, New Brunswick NJ October 2017
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“Scleroderma and Lung Involvement”
Speaker: R. James White, MD, PhD
Patient Education Forum, Rochester NY October 2017

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“Pulmonary Aspects of Scleroderma”
Speaker: Thinesh Dahanayake, MD
Patient Education Forum, Norwich CT Sept 2014

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"Scleroderma and the Lung "
Speaker: Paul Strachan, MD
Patient Education Forum, Stony Brook NY, May 2014

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"Scleroderma: Shortness of Breath:
Three Things You Need to Know "

Speaker: Robert Dale, MD
Patient Education Forum, Rochester NY, Sept 2013

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"Pulmonary Artery Hypertension and Interstitial Lung Disorders in Scleroderma "
Speaker: Arunabh Talwar, M.D., FCCP, MD
Patient Education Forum, Long Island, March 2012

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Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension